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Boutinot and Boutinosity

Thorough product research is obvioushly eshential… hic… to the production of a wine merchant’s first ecommerce website. And very good it is too.

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The brief

Boutinot is a major player in the wine world, selling globally to trade customers. Its merchant headquarters and wine production sites in the northern and southern hemispheres mean big business.

All brands need a little love and as part of a wider strategy, we were tasked to deliver an ecommerce website and social blog.


The process

We integrated the site with Boutinot’s CRM, so transactions can be processed in real time. Each trade customer can also personalise the interactive homepage, allowing them to do more than just buy wine. If they want to, they can even check the weather forecast!


The result

Our success was evident quickly – the volume of new customers coming to the site produced a marked increase in turnover in two years and freed up the sales team to make outgoing calls, instead of handling orders.

In addition, the downloadable tool kits and point of sale materials have been widely praised (and used) by the Boutinot sales teams as well as customers around the world. Transfer of knowledge and expertise via the site has played a huge part in bringing further loyalty from the customer relationship.

Then came

The desire to give something back led to the birth of Boutinosity. This is the go-to place for the wine trade community to find out about the latest launches, product reviews, events and news.