Why website SEO is business critical

Vivid website burns brighter than ever before!

Following the very successful launch of our new brand and website on the 3rd July we wanted to demonstrate that we practice what we preach. Our outgoing brand and website had certainly seen better days and although we received positive feedback from clients – new business enquiries were few and far between. Luckily for us we receive strong referrals from our network of clients and friends that has kept business buoyant.

Launching a new website is just the tip of the iceberg.

Before, during and post go-live there are many critical success factors; the quality of the brand itself and it’s ability to engage key audiences and stakeholders through a quality content strategy, the beauty of the work on display, the user experience of the site and its ability to be found.

I admit, I was probably the worst client in the world during this process and it cost us dearly in terms of studio time invested – but naturally I argue that it gave us the best result possible. I estimate that if we were to have created this brand for a client – with all the associated assets we created and the website – the cost would have exceeded £75k. So why invest this amount of time and money when many companies out there seem happy to get something ‘knocked up’ for a few grand?

Well, let’s consider the statistics on our new website traffic. See the attached infographic and you’ll soon see why!

Why_Vivid_Blog Web Stats_v1
Following SEO optimisation (we are not using Google PPC) our website traffic has increased by 129%. Not only that but the quality of the traffic is much improved. We are now receiving a steady flow of high quality leads and in the first three weeks have already generated a substantial amount of business (equivalent to that initial investment) – so that’s a very short payback – not even factoring in the life-cycle of new clients or the ongoing new enquiries that we are receiving.

When you talk about a project ‘washing its face’, our brand refresh has excelled.

And what else have we discovered?  Only one visitor came to us on a Blackberry – I guess Blackberry owners are just not our type of customer!

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