Hanging around with a British Mountain Guide

Being chosen to design and build the website for the British Mountain Guides was a privilege and a dream job for myself and Vivid.

I’ve got a lot of friends who are qualified mountain guides, dating back from when I was an active climber. Yes, those days are long gone but every now and again I manage to drag myself off the sofa and enjoy the thrills of climbing in the trusted company of a qualified guide.

On the eve of the website launch I decided that a fitting celebration would be to use the website to find and book a guide who could take me on an icy adventure on the north face of Ben Nevis. The route I had in mind was one that had eluded me for over 20 years. Smiths Route is a near vertical water ice climb graded V 5. There’s a great video of the climb on YouTube.

I find using a Mountain Guide is the safest and surest way to achieve my ambitions in the mountains. Not only is the overall experience much enhanced but your chances of success are greatly improved. Often the conditions and your nerve let you down, and failure looms like a heavy cloud, not so with a British Mountain Guide as success is a core part of their mantra.

The BMG website has been highly praised by its membership and we look forward to tracking its future success in generating requests from mountain enthusiasts worldwide.



In the summit shelter of Ben Nevis, warming hands and organising kit before the long descent.



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