The art, formally known as Print!

I admit, I have a guilty pleasure. Print.

There is something slightly obsessive about print, which, (in my opinion) can’t be replicated digitally. I’m just not quite ready to throw out all my magazines and books in place of a mass storage device, where fumbling fingers slide up and down, right to left to turn pages.



Pictoral Meadows Product Catalogue 2016

Print for me is more sophisticated. I love the tactile nature print has in the hands, the different size, feel and purpose printed material conveys. Its physical presence means that printed material can be consumed almost anywhere, collected and shared. It’s almost a statement piece. Print can sit proudly on bookshelves, or fanned across coffee tables and it says a lot about the person we are. It’s a great talking point when you eagerly capture the perusing eye of friends or individuals taking interest into the authors or subject matters that appeal to us. But my love for print has taken on more than just a talking point with friends; it has expanded into my work, and more importantly with my clients. As an Account Manager, print has a phenomenal ability in bringing brands and designs to life, it helps communicate key messages and values, and it gives instant identity and personality.

As a design agency, we have delivered some inspiring and whacky print for our clients leaving a lasting impression, from direct mail literature you run under water, revealing key messaging, to luxurious, showcasing product guides. It allows us to tap into clients’ senses, it’s engaging, we can push boundaries, the impossible is possible with print. It’s diverse, it’s unique, textures, colours, finishes, we can craft almost anything out of paper to exceed a client’s expectations. We obviously can’t do this alone, so we entrust the services of our awesome print gurus spread across the region, these guys eat, sleep and breathe print and we love to challenge them to come up with something fresh on every project we deliver.


Annual Meadow Seeds Spread

For me, there is nothing more beautiful than awesome print, where design jumps from the screen onto stunning stock, which tantalises the senses in both texture and smell!!! Print should be embraced, held, shared and loved. In an ever growing digital market, print has become more exclusive, it helps support and compliment digital activities to form fully integrated marketing campaigns. At Vivid, we embrace print and we love it.

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