Trust is earned!

As founder and managing director of Vivid, I was musing over Friday fish & chips that there are far too many people in our industry that can talk the talk, but very few who can walk the walk!

From my point of view, experience is everything. That’s why we believe marketing, brand and digital skills should be honed over a lifetime. You have to have been there and done it, learned from your mistakes and crafted your skills to deliver creative yet robust solutions with strong ROI.

But in today’s digital world, where information is at your fingertips, some people/companies in our industry have a voice that sounds convincing but lacks experience, depth of knowledge and integrity. This ‘smoke and mirrors’ approach is undermining what is a highly skilled profession. I would never suggest comparing it to brain surgery but we certainly feel equally skilled as architects, lawyers and accountants. We need to know our stuff as much as they do to uphold our profession and deliver successful outcomes.

Thankfully, the industry is responding. Accreditations are hard proof that we know our art, we know our stuff, we know what’s appropriate for our clients’ brands and business.

Accreditation logos.

Vivid’s professional accreditations are proof that we know our onions!

We are really pleased that Vivid and some of its employees have gained the accreditations above. The Google exams are notoriously difficult and hence if you think you know your stuff, why not give it a go for yourself!

My final thought; you wouldn’t get your boiler serviced by an unqualified gas service engineer, so why would you use a consultant/agency that cannot attain or uphold professional standards?

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