A Vivid Experience

My name is Jack Underwood and I am a Year 10 student specialising in Computing at UTC Sheffield OLP. I have a passion for all things technology and like to make games, websites and other pieces of software in my spare time.

For my work experience, I stayed at Vivid for one week completing a variety of tasks. In my time at Vivid I,

  • Tested websites in different browsers/operating systems based on real analytics.
  • Created a website using PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the company to use during client workshops to help the clients imagine their brand.
  • Used WordPress and Drupal to migrate and create content for various client websites.
  • Worked with others to be more efficient.
  • Attended and contributed in a real client meeting.

The web application I created involved a number of new skills and challenges to overcome that helped me to refine my thinking in terms of user experience (UX), security, branding, accessibility and designing flexible/scalable code.

Jack Underwood

My visit was incredibly enjoyable and insightful; it was extremely helpful to see what an actual workplace was like and how such an amazing team works together. The Vivid team instilled me with confidence and allowed me to get a grasp of work and a firmer understanding of what I would like my future work to consist of. I know now that I definitely want to work in the development sector, preferably within a small team like Vivid. The people at Vivid are extremely friendly and I enjoyed conversing with them about a plethora of subjects. I feel that this experience has helped me substantially because I now have a much better perspective on the world of work and what it entails.

I’m very grateful for the time I was able to spend at Vivid and given the opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

I wish the team the very best of luck and hope to return one day,


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