My Work Experience at Vivid

I’m Bryony Murrell, a sixth form student passionate about all things creative.

I visited Vivid for a week’s work experience focused around branding. This week was very important for me since I wanted to acquire some knowledge about what kinds of creative jobs there are in industry, see where I could utilise my creativity along with putting my academic side into practice, to aid me in future university choices.

Vivid gave me a brief to work from, similar to something they might receive from a client. I was tasked with creating a brand, where I produced a professional logo and used it to create colour palates, typography and apply the brand to different products such as…

  • Business cards
  • Packaging
  • Aprons
  • Commercial van
  • Gazebo

I really enjoyed my time at Vivid and found the project I was set, as well as the work the team were doing around me very inspiring. The experience has opened my eyes to the different opportunities that there are in the world of advertising. The staff and environment at Vivid was very friendly and it would be a great place to go back to in the future.

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