Covid-19 & the new office norm…

After 12 weeks working in home isolation, we are really happy that most of the Vivid team were able to return to the office on Monday 1st June!

Initially, we were a little apprehensive and nervous as the reality of coming back to the office environment has changed the way we will be working moving forwards. However, after a few hours back in camp, we all adjusted to the new norm pretty quickly, with new energy in the air, it feels good!

So what’s changed?

Tea Rounds

At Vivid, we absolutely love a brew! Tea or coffee, it fuels us all!

12 weeks ago if anyone shouted up “I’m making a brew, anyone else fancy one?” All hands would shoot up and the trusty tea tray would come out! Not anymore! Solo brewing (that was once frowned upon) is a new way forward for the foreseeable future. This, unfortunately, extends to the variety of baked goods and treats that often frequented the kitchen side. The upside to this, of course, means that our summer bodies have a fighting chance!

Vivid floor sign for COVID-19


What else is different? Well, we have numerous floor and wall stickers reminding us of the 2m distance rule and a signposted one-way system for the entrance and exit. The internal doors remain open to avoid contact with door handles and there are hand sanitiser stations everywhere! We also have the option of facemasks that are encouraged, but not enforced, for anyone that wants that extra bit of protection.


The best addition is the clear PVC dividers from Jump (where we sourced the stickers from) that form a protective but inclusive structure around our desks to keep the germs out, they look really good, so we will definitely be keeping these!

The new norm, what new norm? We’ve all embraced these new guidelines and are happy to be back with our colleagues in a safe, creative environment.

I hope your return to work after Covid-19 will be as smooth as ours! Wishing you all a stress-free return to the workplace!

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