Christie’s first week at Vivid

When starting a new job, you envision your first day to include; settling into your environment, building relationships with the team, getting up to speed on current projects, whilst immersing yourself in a whole new culture.

My first week at Vivid included all of the above, however, I joined the business working remotely – something now often referred to as, ‘the new normal’.

To kick off my first week, I was greeted with the warmest of welcomes.

I was under no illusion that it would be rather strange dialling in to meet my new team, however, it did not disappoint, I couldn’t have felt more included, as I listened in to the busy 9 am Production Meeting.

As I navigated my way around Vivid’s digital systems, I quickly discovered that Microsoft Teams would be my best friend for the next 5 days, so I got to grips with the software I needed, (including the CRM and Project Management tools), to help my first week run as smoothly as possible.

Vivid provided me with in-depth virtual training across all of their internal systems. Using split screens and video calls I was able to speak directly to the team, run through the processes first hand and ask questions along the way – all of which were met with detailed answers, how-to guides and helpful documents, which would support me in feeling confident in my role.

Whilst many businesses still operate remotely, Vivid’s adaptations in the current environment means that their safe office structure allows employees to work collaboratively, in a comfortable and inspiring workspace.

So with today marking the end of my first week, I can confidently say I am looking forward to joining the talented team in the office, where I can continue to learn, develop and contribute towards some very exciting projects!

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