Bringing it home for Sheffield City Trust

The story so far

Since opening in 1988 as Sheffield International Venues, or SIV, these venues have become part of life for the city – places people come to for entertainment, wellbeing, community. From the grandeur of City Hall to the state-of-the-art facilities at Ponds Forge, they’ve been inspiring and improving the health and wellbeing of Sheffield communities for over 30 years.

SIV is a health and wellbeing charity and when they approached us to talk about brand, we began by exploring the value of this status, something they’d never leveraged to separate from competition in the leisure and wellbeing market. Research revealed a lack of connection between the venues, the charity running them and the people they served. Our response was to propose a renaming as part of the re-brand. Sheffield City Trust gave some ownership of these landmark venues to the city and its people, helping to create the connection our research had identified as weak.

The new name and brand is a platform for building confidence, pride and trust. The story behind the new logo is simple – it’s Sheffield. The shape of the city was simplified to house seven multi-coloured gradients to represent the seven hills of Sheffield, and to reflect the diversity of venues and services offered and of the communities it serves. There’s some weight in the design and fluidity as well, it’s as dynamic and adaptable as the places it describes.

– Creation of Sheffield City Trust brand identity and multi venue logos 

– Create SCT Live logo (a commercial events company to facilitate entertainment venues such as Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield Arena) 

– Brand Guidelines to include: Visual language, Tone of voice, Interior venue graphics, Signage & wayfinding system & uniforms


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