A Sobering End to 2020

As we reflect on 2020 it’s with sombre reflection that we remember all of those that have been so badly affected in so many different ways. We also thank the NHS for their overwhelming response to the pandemic and can only hope that the vaccination programme will ease the pressure they’re under and allow us to regain some normality during 2021 and beyond.

As a business we’ve had to manage and overcome the biggest hurdles we’ve ever had to face. It all started back in March with speculation and trepidation but soon escalated into a full-scale lockdown that saw the business community decimated in the blink of any eye.

Some sectors and industries found ways to adapt and thrive and we were really pleased to able to help our customers find new ways to trade and keep building their brands, in spite of everything. Ecommerce exploded and we worked with many brands adapting form a pure B2B proposition to embrace and launch D2C brands. We also saw many businesses reviewing their tactics in a bid to get real value for their spend, wanting more robust solutions to deliver stronger and more compelling ROI.

We saw a relative collapse in cost per click (Google Ads) and that allowed some brands to heavily capitalise, becoming dominant in a smaller market as competitors paused all advertising spend. We saw results ranging from 27:1 to 400:1 ROI – incredible when you think the UK business landscape was in utter turmoil during this time.

As a business we have held our ground in 2020, we’ve been working ‘on the business’ and secured CIBL’s funding that will protect us and allow us to grow in 2021. We were also shortlisted as a finalist in the Northern Marketing Awards and recognised as ‘Best Business 2020’ by Action Coach Sheffield.

We have made many structural and management changes and anticipate 2021 as a growth year. Our new Performance Marketing Team are now in place and ready to take on the world of performance marketing, SEO and paid search!

As a business and as individuals we have all had to adapt and I’m proud of how we’ve supported each other and the clients we serve through something so unknown. Reflecting on the year, I’m encouraged by what we now know we can do – we did well and I’m grateful to everyone who helped power us through. I feel as a nation, too, we have become wiser, kinder and more respectful – that’s gotta be a good learning to take in 2021…we won’t be letting go of that.

Wishing everyone a safe Xmas and New Year. Looking forward to ‘literally’ seeing you all in 2021.

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