New look for Rohan

Vivid creates new Spring/Summer campaign for Rohan

Partnering Rohan to create a new Spring/Summer campaign for 2021, Vivid helped them to reconnect with sleepy loyal customers after a year indoors. To capture their attention and engage with new customers, we challenged Rohan to be brave, taking them out of their comfort zone with a fresh new look for 2021.

Stretch Yourself – A new campaign to set new goals and encourage people to stretch themselves in the outdoors in 2021.

This was delivered as a strategic set of comms that launched early spring starting with a stretch fleece mailer to highlight the garments qualities and innovation.

Application over the website and social media together with direct mail comms, traced both new and existing customers to find which channel engaged best with the campaign and inform future campaign targeting.

With a new visual style in place, a complimentary 36 page look book was launched featuring key products lines and stories told by brand ambassadors reflecting on their own journeys traveling around the world with Rohan.

A smaller mailer featuring the Advanced Jean completed the campaign focusing on a urban theme followed the new look to feel more current and less dated.

The campaign will soon be seen in retail stores once they open for business late Spring.

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