Top 10 Takeaways From Brighton SEO

Our Performance Marketing team headed down to Brighton for the first in-person Brighton SEO conference since 2019! From enjoying the surprisingly warm weather, independent restaurants, and beach views from the pier – we took away some fantastic insights from excellent speakers! We cannot wait to catch up on the remaining talks and implement some key tips from the below: 

  • Dateme Tubotamuno – Using causal inference to better understand search intent – there’s a lot to think about when creating content for user intent, with a range of queries that we need to answer! We will be using the query classifications, dimensions of user intent, and understanding the cause and effect of intent through the consumer search journey. 


  • Helene Jelenc – Using Anthropology Methods in SEO – highlights how culture should play a vital role in SEO to create effective communication. You need to use a mixture of methods to provide richer data for your strategy but keep in mind ethical practices to social and digital research and that it is your responsibility to protect participants! 


  • Olivia Smith – Five Ways To Kick The Creative Rut and Come Up With Ideas That Earn Hundreds of Links – shows how the last 18 months have felt dormant for creativity but we need creativity to tell a great story. With only so many data sets that we can use for current trends, it’s crucial to reframe your mindset, explore the media every day and even analyse your previous campaigns. It’s important to think bigger to ignite curiosity and get people talking!


  • Stephen Kenwright – How to get your search, brand, PR, and social efforts to work together – reinforced the importance of search, showing key data on how brands now spend more on search than TV! It is now vital to remember that we can blend our strategy and that every channel is the opportunity to increase performance levels, showcasing this information through excellent case studies on increasing the demand for certain products through influencer marketing and a trending TikTok. 


  • Oli Hearsum – Reactive SEO: the untapped potential with new terms – tells us the significance of using new terms rather than looking back at existing ones and how shifting the approach can be a fantastic way to boost your client’s performance. He also highlighted some fantastic ways to utilise tools to achieve this and gave some top tips on how to know what’s good to target! 


  • Jennifer Macdonald – How awareness days are the key to link building – Take advantage of the endless supply of awareness days and create unique tangential content. There is a multitude of benefits to using topical and seasonal events for content writing. Make the content relevant to your client and target journalists who have previously published similar content. Utilise existing contacts and don’t forget to recycle your work (as long as it’s still relevant)!


  • Paige Hobart – How to do GOOD Keyword Research – It’s no secret that keywords are a fundamental part of anyone’s SEO strategy to write compelling content. However, it can be done wrong, and thus finding good keywords is essential. Number one rule? Relevancy is EVERYTHING. The most powerful tool in your armoury is Google Search Console and tagging (or grouping) your keywords as you go will help the efficiency of your process.
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