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We have brand new Google Ads, Paid Search updates – here’s what you need to know!

Google Ads Ditching Expanded Text Ads in June 2022

If you’re not already familiar with the Google Ads subsets, expanded text ads allows you to create three headlines, two descriptions, and a display URL. 

However, on August 31st, Google announced that responsive ads will be the only ad type available for account users to select and edit for their search campaigns (this is when Google automatically tests different combinations of text and learns which ones perform better).

As responsive ads are already a fan favourite of Google Ad experts, and the push for increased automation continues to grow, this has not come as a shock to those in the PPC industry. 

Expect the switch as of June 2022. 

Google Ads will Combine Smart and Standard Display Campaigns 

Google continues to shave down user options with another update that combines the current standard Display with Smart Display into a single option.

Bonnie Pericolosi (Director of Product Management for Google Ads) explained, “In this new Display campaign experience, you’ll have all of the reach and performance you’re used to, with the ability to choose the level of automation you prefer in bidding, creatives and audiences.” 

Advertisers will have the ability to pick what to automate or control manually, as well as having the option to change their choices at any time without having to create a new campaign.

Do I need to do anything? Nope!

No action is needed as Smart and Standard campaigns will not be affected at this time. The new Display campaign will automatically become an option once the update is rolled out. 

Optimised Targeting

Another development in Google’s Display updates include optimised targeting. This treats audience settings as signals to identify audience segments that may improve campaign performance (a feature that was previously only available for Smart Display ads). 

Soon, only one option will be available to Google Ads users, the new Display campaign type, and it will have the same controls for bidding, ads and audiences that standard Display campaigns currently offer. 

Google’s new features to help Travel & Leisure Businesses to bounceback

Google is now introducing some new features for the Travel and Leisure sector across Organic and Paid Search. After the uncertainty and disruption over the last 18 months or so, these changes are planned to help boost sales and revive businesses. 

Ticket booking links: Booking links will show for admission or ticketing options (when available). There are also plans to expand this further and tap into experiences and tours. 

Things to do ads: A new Paid feature that will appear above the search results when users are searching for activities, attractions etc. A booking link will be included as well as an image, reviews and pricing.

Eco-certified badges: As from this week, hotels that are certified with high standards of sustainability (accredited by independent organisations) will have an Eco-certified badge near their name in the search results. Also, their sustainable efforts can be viewed in the “about” tab of their profile. 

These new initiatives are a great way to support sectors that have been impacted. It’s also bound to give users a quicker, streamlined experience when planning their trips so we should see a positive impact on conversion rates and/or interest.

Get in touch with our Paid Media Experts for more information or learn more at the Google Ads help centre. 

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