Black Friday Marketing Guide

Black Friday is the pre-Christmas shopping event of the year and the perfect time to push your products online! It’s important to get your Paid Search strategy in place to get the most out of your ads and drive potential customers to your site.

We have put together the top things to think about within your digital marketing channels this Black Friday:


Black Friday Sale

Shoppers are starting early and have become more price-conscious

  • If you haven’t started already, get your Black Friday offers and early bird sales out there now!

Be visible and capture those shoppers

  • Promote your products to the right customers at the right time using the likes of Search, YouTube and Shopping.
  • Get customers inspired and engaged via Google feeds on YouTube, Discover and Gmail with Discovery Ads.

Avoid Limitations

  • Traffic and competition will increase significantly so be prepared to adjust bids and budget levels regularly.
  • Avoid being limited by budget and ensure you maximise activity throughout the day.
  • Use smart bidding to stay ahead and implement seasonality adjustments.

Utilise Ad Extensions

  • A great way to highlight offers and deals – share that extra message.
  • Specific sitelinks for key products and promotion extensions combined with an offer code.
  •  If you have a merchant centre, make sure you apply to whitelist for your account for ‘merchant promotion’


  • Create strong, enticing ads with any offers or USPs you have to drive that incremental volume.
  • Run with RSA and DSA ads to catch additional traffic.
  • Experiment with ad customisers and create a sense of urgency with countdown functions.
  • Set automated rules to enable/pause your ads at specific times/days, to allow for efficiency.

Maximise Product Visibility via Shopping

  • Optimise your shopping feed and showcase offers and promotions via Standard Shopping.
  • Implement Smart Shopping for more exposure across the 3 different networks.

Landing Page Experience

  • Ensure landing pages provide the best user experience.
  • Make any deals/special offers obvious and ensure they’re in the right place – make it clear that what you’re advertising via PPC, is there.

With the event taking place on Friday 26th November, it falls around paydays so there is anticipated more activity over the weekend in comparison to previous years with digital transactions forecasted to be bigger with consumers avoided crowded stores, so now is the time to optimise your digital campaigns!

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