Our Top 10 Festive Campaign Ideas

Take the stress out of your Christmas marketing and beyond.

Don’t lose sleep over your marketing campaigns. Vivid has a festive stocking full of ideas to boost your brand during the most important season of the year. We’ve gathered 10 of the best campaign ideas you should consider.

Not only do we have the ideas, but we can plan, manage and launch all your marketing activities so that you can focus on wrapping presents and enjoying a much-needed mince pie.


1. Share the love and do some good by supporting a charity

Christmas is a great time to create the perfect partnership with a charity and show your company’s charitable side. Charities generally utilise the emotion associated with the festivities to ramp up their fundraising efforts and this is a way for you to create content that isn’t just about sales or self-promotion!

2. Drum up excitement with a series of posts

​​Create a series of scheduled posts in the form of a countdown or a daily build-up that can drum up excitement for your audience. Focus on products, services, or an event with these multi-panel posts that can include animation, imagery, or video.

3. Get your customers involved with a competition

User-generated content is a great way to include everyone. It’s highly beneficial to both incentivise your followers to create original content for you and gain extra exposure through various social media accounts at the same time. Run a competition and entice your audience with a prize, and don’t forget to post about the winner.

4. Make marketing easier with templates

Create bespoke, easy-to-use templates that match your brand, keeping all your marketing looking consistent. These can even include videos or animations – all prepared in popular content creating apps like Canva. They can be easily customisable and even have the capabilities for printing options, so they aren’t just for the web!

5. Showcase your products with a gift guide

Everyone needs a little inspiration for gifts, whether it’s for a parent or a partner. Creating a gift guide is the ultimate way to shout about your products and is the perfect solution to both showcasing your most-wanted gifts and having useful content to further push across digital channels.

6. Go offline and send something personal

Let your friends and clients know you’re thinking of them, with bespoke direct mail. Integrate your brand into the design and give a special touch with a personalised message. Or go one step further and hand-delivered a high-quality gift. Not only does it show that you care, but it also means you know your clients received it and that it hasn’t got lost in some pigeonhole.

7. Be bold and take over your homepage

Give your website a refresh with a seasonal touch. Anyone visiting your website will be welcomed with a themed header. It also allows you to remind your customers of any related promotions or services you have on offer and don’t forget to update your social pages to create a consistent look across your online platforms.

8. Grab attention with animation

Captivate your audiences with branded animation! It is a highly engaging, but simple way to ensure your content stands out across email, web, and social to amp up your brand’s noticeability.

9. Show a personal side with video

Capture sincerity and thankfulness for business support over the past year by creating and sharing a personal message from your Founder, CEO or MD to share online and across social media channels.

10. Stand out in their inbox

Thank your loyal customers with memorable email marketing, it’s not only quick and easy to implement, but it’s also cost-effective. Seize this excellent opportunity to reach out to existing customers and also target the prospects who are interested in your products and services or invite them to view your website!

So grab your marketing by the baubles as we have plenty more ideas than what’s in our Top 10.

If you would like to discuss what Vivid can do for you please get in touch!


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