Our Picks of the Christmas Ads of 2021

Christmas is in full swing and brands are back competing for your attention on the small screen. We’ve put together a list of our favourites to get you in the festive mood!


Kevin! No, not that Kevin. Kevin the Carrot, he makes a run to our screens in the Charles Dickens classic. This year it’s all about generosity, compassion and not being a rotten Banana. The tongue-in-cheek references and cameos brings a feeling of light hearted fun to the advert, with many to look out for such as Marcus Radishford and Cuthbert the Caterpillar being taken away in handcuffs – means the advert can be watched over and over. 


We’ve all been there. Sat in a school hall watching mundane, dull performances. However Tkmaxx puts a larger-than-life spin on it with the teen gaining confidence from his shiny new boots! Where else would you find such boots other than Tkmaxx?! This feels more like a comedy drama than an advert in the way that it is filmed and delivers the narrative effectively in such a short amount of time. It really makes you want to know what the teen does next with those magic boots!


Anything put to a Queen soundtrack will be good! This year Tesco is celebrating that Christmas isn’t cancelled…yet!  It’s a truly feel good advert, saying that nothing will get in the way of everyone enjoying the festive season. Half way through we get a comical introduction to Santa who may or may-not get past border control’s Covid checks!


This one you may have missed. But Branston has created an emotive narrative that pulls at the heart strings with themes of nostalgia, togetherness and the feeling of being at home. The ad suggests that the long standing British accompaniment to any sandwich – Branston pickle can instantly bring back memories of being at home with family and loved ones.

Marks & Spencers

Spiderman and the Vicar of Dibley, sounds like an odd duo? But it’s happened. Tom Holland and Dawn French lead in this M&S advert, as Percy the Pig comes to life! Being the most sales focused of all Christmas ads this year, it showcases a number of the key products on sale this year, however due to the comedy and cuteness from both Percy and Fairy it doesn’t feel like you’re being sold to.


These generally go under the radar, but over the past few years Barbour has played a blinder developing ads with well loved Christmas characters. The last two years have been Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas, but this year they have chosen Paddington. The ads play on Barbour’s heritage, normally looking at their jacket as an important family heirloom. This one in particular focuses on the mundane task of re-waxing a jacket and how this “simple” (anyone who has ever done one will attest that it isn’t simple) gesture can go a long way to spread Christmas cheer.


McDonald’s have always been very strong with their brand codes. A brief glimpse of the Golden Arches and you immediately know what’s being advertised. Over the past few years, they have been working hard to build the “reindeer ready” campaign with their Reindeer Treats (repackaged carrot sticks). They have done this by leaning heavily on emotion, but this year have taken it up and notch, playing on emotions in a way that is normally reserved for John Lewis.


Everyone at Vivid wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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