Social Media Changes To Look For In 2022 (So Far)

Having a Social Media presence is considered a key part of a digital marketing strategy for most and there’s no signs of this slowing down for brands in 2022 and beyond. 

With a variety of platforms to choose from all with their own key features to utilise, it’s important to know any upcoming changes or additions to channels. We’ve rounded up our top changes to look out for and monitor this year! 

A Spotlight on Brand-led Communities 

With online data privacy concerns becoming more prevalent to consumers, it has begun an increase in difficulty to really target desired audiences and monitor the data of campaigns. As the importance of being in charge of how your data is used online, it is putting an emphasis on brands to really focus on content creation and building communities through their social channels to be more effective than mass paid media spend. 

Influencer Marketing To Follow This Approach

Alongside brands building communities, this will also be a prevalent element for Social Media marketing involving influencers, with brands focusing on those who have a community feel. It is predicted less of a product-first approach but involving influencers that have great, consistent and genuine engagement from an audience that is right for their product to achieve a greater ROI. 

Look Out For Instagram Algorithm Changes 

Instagram is testing out it’s previous chronological news feed order with hopes for this change to happen early on in 2022. Alongside this, we may possibly see a shift to a video-first approach to really push out its reels feature after Tik Tok’s fast growing popularity. Taking the comedic aspect out of it however, it will become a key factor in pushing products to aid the enhancement of their shopping features, with consumers discovering new products on Instagram now more than ever before. 

Tik Tok Testing Out Social Commerce 

With Tik Tok’s huge popularity success over the past two years, it is still considered relatively new for brands to incorporate it within their social strategy and if they have already done so, to monitor the success of campaigns in its algorithm. The platform has recently included Live Shopping Events, where celebrities or Tik Tok influencers have hosted events through the ‘live’ feature to showcase products that watchers can buy through it. Despite being recently introduced through this channel, Social Commerce in general doesn’t show any signs of diminishing in 2022. 

Rise of Social Audio 

Twitter launched its ‘Spaces’ feature last year to provide a way of sharing information purely based on audio. It’s a great way to share information and have discussions with users without having to focus on an aesthetically pleasing set up before recording. With its capability of having 10 speakers involved at any given time and no restrictions to listeners, it’s definitely a more casual way of hosting a discussion and likely only a matter of time before other major platforms trial a similar feature. 

We are already seeing changes and trends emerging on Social Media but the underlying key factor this year will be to really know your audience, know where they are looking online and build your community to capture their attention. 

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