Content Checklist – 5 Things You Need to Think About!

When it comes to writing content, it’s easy to lose sight of your intentions for the piece you’re working on. That’s why it is always important to get back to basics and have a clear focus before, during and after the writing process. Here’s what you need to think about 👇

1. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is key to writing compelling content. Having a clear understanding of your target reader allows you to include the appropriate message in order to reach your goals. Once you have a set target audience, producing the content will become easier as you can set a tone of voice, appropriate length and information to include.


2. Understand the purpose

There is a reason that you’re doing the writing, whether it’s to be informative about a product or subject, increase conversion levels or build brand awareness. As content comes in many different forms and can be uploaded to a multitude of platforms, knowing where it will be shown and what you want to achieve from it will ultimately leverage performance.


3. Have a clear structure

You need your content to be in a clear and linear structure to make sense to the reader. A great way to ensure the content follows a logical structure is to write down your heading and subheadings and bullet point key ideas for each section. Once done, refer back to your purpose and do the same for your introduction and conclusion. This enables a clear focus with relevant first and final impressions to your reader.


4. Language matters

You’ve done your plan and now it’s almost time to start writing. During this process, you need to initially think of what approach you’re going to take to persuade your readers. Feeding back to your purpose, you could for example use scarcity language to create the sense of urgency, ask your reader to share your content or even include previous customer testimonials.


5. Build your authority

Your authority over a subject will generate trust between you and the reader. It is important to be direct, knowledgeable and provide accurate information in your content to give your audience the answers for their search query. Therefore, write with confidence!


Without understanding who you’re writing for, the message you want to portray and how you want your reader to engage with your content will make it difficult to produce and will reflect in its performance.

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