Our top three favourite marketing campaigns from July

Our three favourite marketing campaigns

We are constantly surrounded by marketing campaigns. And with summer almost over, it’s time for us to reflect on our favourite marketing campaigns from July.

Marketing campaigns can increase brand awareness, raise awareness around a specific topic, reach new audiences and promote products or services. But a good marketing campaign is perfectly planned and will show passion or excitement. Take a look at our favourite campaigns from July.

Girls Don’t Like Football, They Love it Campaign

This campaign is centred around women’s football and the old concept of “girls don’t like football.” It aims to bring visibility to women football players and coaches, redefining football as an inclusive sport for everyone. From capturing the passion and energy of EURO 22, this campaign aims to evoke emotion it shows future generations that women can play football too. And what a great campaign after winning the EUROS 2022. Click here to watch the campaign video.

Why did this campaign land a spot in the top three? 

With the Euros 2022 hype in full swing, this campaign was perfectly timed and promoted. The videography and editing on the campaign wowed our creative team as it was well thought out and executed. We all loved the meaningful message behind it too. There’s no doubt this campaign has helped contribute towards a positive mindset shift around women’s football and supporting our lionesses.

The Place To Be Seen Campaign

The ’Place To Be Seen’ campaign celebrates the newly opened UK’s first LGBTQ+ museum. M&C Saatchi London partnered with Queer Britain opening the museum on 20 July with its exhibition ‘We Are Queer Britain’.

The marketing campaign stresses the importance of visibility for LGBTQ+ people, culture and history. This comes after the 50th anniversary of the UK’s first Pride March and honours the celebration by showcasing protest placards instead of the rainbow icon. Watch the video here.

Why did this campaign land a spot in the top three? 

This campaign earned its place in our top three because of its celebration of culture, history and LGBTQ+ people. There’s no doubt that this campaign has helped plant the seed of self-worth and acceptance across LGBTQ+ people and the younger generation.


The Last Photo Campaign

This marketing campaign raises awareness of mental health and suicide. Although a heavy subject for summer, it’s one that needs to be talked about more often. This campaign was launched by the mental health charity CALM. It features the last photos of suicide victims provided by their families. These 50 portraits were shown on London’s South Bank. The campaign also launched with a TV ad of the last videos captured emphasising the message that suicide doesn’t always look suicidal. The TV ad first aid on ITVs This Morning and was soon shared across multiple platforms and channels.

Why did this campaign land a spot in the top three? 

This campaign is at the heart of most people who have experienced mental illness or lost someone to suicide. Not only does this campaign raise awareness of the subject, but it encourages conversation and increases understanding. In honour of those who’ve lost their lives and to create conversation among generations, this campaign deserves a spot in our top three.

Bonus Campaign: IKEA – Fortune Favours the Frugal

IKEA launched a new campaign featuring an ad with an enormous meteor made up of waste and litter produced by the nation. The ad shows how swapping earth-damaging goods for more eco-friendly solutions can make a big difference. As people live more sustainably in the ad, the meteor breaks down so much that when it reaches early it is just a single plastic bottle.

This campaign encourages people to think differently about their lifestyles, the environment and how they can play their part in being more eco-friendly. Although this campaign launched in January 2021, it is still highly relevant and important as the nation takes on environmental issues. Watch the video here.

Honourable Mention: Vagabonded – Discover your World: Roam to the Rhythm

Travel blog Vagabonded released a digital marketing campaign to inspire people to travel this summer. Their video campaign titled “Discover your World – Roam to the Rhythm” focus on the emotional journey of a little boy who grows up and becomes a man, however, he feels lost in life. This man is able to get to know himself while he travels the world and discovers new cultures, cuisines and peoples.

This campaign showcases the benefits of travelling and exploring the word in a creative yet, subtle way. When you watch this video, you will feel like you want to book flight tickets straight away, which just shows how efficient this marketing release was.

Now you have seen our favourite marketing campaigns for July 2022, let us know what your favourites are. Founded in 1999, Vivid Creative is a creative marketing agency based in the UK. From website design and creative design to SEO, our experienced team can help. Contact us here.

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