5 email marketing trends in 2022

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Long before social media, there was email marketing. And this form of digital marketing is still here today. Creative marketing agencies use email marketing to give their brand a platform to communicate with their existing or future customers. It gives them an opportunity to raise brand awareness, sell products and build customer relationships. 

However, since the rise in technology and social media, many people fear that email marketing has died. But as a creative marketing agency, we’re here to tell you that it is still important even today. 

As of 2021, there were 3.9 billion active email users and there’s no doubt that number has risen to 4 billion+. With the average person checking their emails around 15 times daily, it’s important to get it right. And by that, we mean following the trends and creating great email marketing campaigns.


Email marketing campaign trends

So, what are the top five email marketing trends in 2022? Let’s take a look below.


  • Email automation

Email automation is an effective way of communicating with audiences. With email automation, you can automatically send follow-up emails. These emails can be sent to visitors who have submitted a form or purchased products on your website. It allows creative marketing agencies to be more responsive and send personalised emails.


  • Personalisation 

How would you feel if a brand or guru sent you a personalised email on your birthday or anniversary? You’d feel loved and important right? This heartfelt gesture is one way to capture your customers’ attention. 

Wish them a happy anniversary or give them personalised recommendations on your products or services. People are more likely to read emails if they offer personalised marketing messages. Truth be told, 90% of consumers find these types of emails appealing.


  • Design

Email design has always been important in capturing your audiences’ attention and it still remains significant to this day. Your email marketing campaigns need to stand out from the crowd. This means:

  • Writing in short sentences and paragraphs
  • Using striking imagery or videos
  • Be concise and straight to the point 
  • And design with mobiles in mind.

As a creative marketing agency, we have a performance marketing team and a creative design team. So, if you’re struggling to find an email design that captivates your audience, we can help.

  • Mobile friendly

It shouldn’t be surprising to know that 85% of people access emails through their mobiles. This is why it’s important to remember to design emails with mobile users in mind. 

How? By ensuring you can see images, call-to-action buttons and content clearly on mobile. In doing so, you will see an increase in your click-through rate.


  • User-generated content

User-generated content has been around since the early 2000s when social media platforms started to rise. This type of content is essentially unsponsored images, videos or reviews that users create about a brand, product or service. 

This form of content helps brands to show authenticity in their email marketing campaigns. Fact: People trust people. So using user-generated content in your emails will help you to encourage purchases and be more trustworthy. 


Use email trends in your email marketing campaigns

Now you’re clued up on the five email marketing trends in 2022, it’s time to implement them in your email marketing campaigns. As a creative marketing agency, we can help you target the right audience, think of content ideas and build great email marketing campaigns.

Talk to a member of our team to help deliver results and build customer relationships.

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