Our top three Halloween campaigns and marketing strategy ideas

Brands are expected to make a swift return this spooky season with their excellent Halloween campaignsFrom thrills, chills and genius campaign ideas, brands have previously delivered clever marketing campaigns to promote products and leverage the Halloween season. 


Halloween campaign inspiration and ideas


Halloween insights for marketers

With UK consumers expected to spend a total of £687 million this Halloween season, it’s essential that brands and businesses up their marketing game to entice consumers.

Did you know, 80% of brits celebrate the eerie season by purchasing sweets to hand out to trick-and-treaters? Whilst parents with children under the age of 5 make up 85% of the total spending.

Decorations, sweets, pumpkins and costumes are some of the most popular products bought during the Halloween season making Halloween the third most profitable holiday in the UK. So, whether you’re tricking or treating, jump on spooky Halloween trends and campaigns to divert traffic, increase engagement and drive sales. 


How to maximise the Halloween season in your marketing strategy  

Whether you’re looking to lift Halloween spirits on social media or your website, there are a few things you need to consider when creating your Halloween marketing strategy.


Halloween themed content

Take advantage of content marketing during the scary season to leverage engagement. Utilising Halloween-themed content can help to drive users to your website and influence buyers’ decisions. From product guides to expert advice, add content to your seasonal marketing strategy. 


Halloween branding

Get into the spooky spirit by sprucing up your branding with Halloween decorations. A simple touch of gloomy Halloween symbols or filters can add a festive flair to your social media profile and website. 


Spooky coffee


Products and services

Brands have previously shocked and amused shoppers during the spooky season with clever use of services and products. There are many creative ways to promote products and services during the Halloween season. Put a spin on old Halloween campaigns or create your own from scratch. Think of a tradition at Halloween and tailor it for your product or service.

 It’s crucial to jump on the holiday train early to get people into the holiday spirit. But even if you’re a late boarder, there’s still time to get into the Halloween spirit. Take a look at our top three Halloween marketing campaigns that promote products from big brands.


Our favourite 3 Halloween marketing campaigns 

Halloween marketing campaigns can steal the hearts of the nation. From sinister videos to spooky products, brands have their way of capturing our attention during the Halloween season. Here are a few brands that caught our attention over the years. 


1. Ikea – The Fearniture Collection

Ikea Italy started the spooky season in 2021 with a collection of three product ads, only showing the sinister shadows of furniture. These ads portray a stool, a desk and a clothes hanging rack as a monster, a ghost and a spider.

This clever idea of utilising shadows of furniture to create scary monsters has been a big hit in our team. The careful positioning and lighting to create a shadowy and spooky photograph are fa-boo-lous! 


2. M&M – For However You Halloween 

M&M has released a new Halloween marketing campaign for the first time since their brand relaunch. The Halloween campaign called ‘For However You Halloween’ encourages people to celebrate the season.

At the heart of the campaign is a short video featuring the iconic M&M characters with different personalities. Produced by House Special, the video emphasises the message that we all have something to bring to the party. 

M&M characters preparing for the Halloween season in their unique way relay their commitment to creating a world where everyone feels they belong. This brilliant message behind this Halloween campaign will surely lift your spirits! Not literally… Watch the video.


3. Burger King – Home of the Ghosts

As people get into the spooky spirit, Burger King introduces its ghost detector feature on their app. If you’ve ever wanted to be a ghostbuster this may be as close as you’re going to get. 

Their latest Halloween promotion, adding a ghost detector to its app, drums up excitement for mobile users. The app adds electromagnetic fields allowing Royal Perks Members to discover if their home is haunted. Members who use the ghost feature get their hands on a meal for two including the new limited Ghost Pepper Whopper.

The Home of the Ghosts ad also includes a short video of a woman being spooked by paranormal activity in her home. Overwhelmed by sinister things happening, she uses the ghost detector in the app which revealed a whopper reward. Watch the video.

Ghostly house


Stay ahead of the festive season with Vivid Creative

During any holiday season, we recommend offering seasonal and exclusive sales. Create campaigns that wow consumers and utilise the holiday season to generate content ideas.

We can help you be spooktacular! From creative design to brand support, we can help you get ahead of the holiday season. Whether it’s creating google ads for different festive seasons, designing imagery for social media and the website or producing great content ideas. 

Build holiday campaigns to give people a pumpkin to talk about. Call us on 01142 21 21 21 or visit our website to see how we can help your brand burn brighter

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