The Future of SEO

In our latest Tech N Trends blog, we talk about Google’s search engines, the helpful content update and really delve into the future of SEO.

What’s the most frustrating aspect of searching for something on Google?

We’d bet good money that on most people’s lists would be a search result which sends you to a website that provides lots and lots of generic background information but not the specific answer you were looking for.

A quick example would be the release date for a film that you have heard is in production.

You’d search ‘when is My Favourite Film Franchise 2 to be released?’ and you’d click on a link which tells you everything about the release rumours and the actors and the plot from the first film but nothing of substance about when the sequel will be in the cinemas.

That’s because Google used to reward websites which used the correct words and search terms to move their sites high on page one. But a change to the Google algorithms called the ‘Helpful Content Update’ will make our experience of using Google much better and provide a blow to content websites which are set up primarily to mine hits for Google ads revenue.

That’s all well and good. A better UX is what we’re all after.

But it also provides an opportunity for businesses to maximise their knowledge and experience by generating expert content. Because that is what Google is now wanting. The clue is in the title of the changes – Helpful Content Update.


How does the Helpful Content Update work?

Google, via its AI and machine learning, will rank highly websites that provide actual expertise via unique content from authoritative sources.

It doesn’t want regurgitated information that others have already written, or plagiarised articles that are copy and pasted many times over.

Businesses who have got into the habit of filling their websites with keyword-based blogs that don’t add any value will see themselves fall down the rankings in favour of those who have written something unique and useful for their customers. You can read more in-depth about the impact the Helpful Content Update had in our previous blog.


So, what to do?

Well, in the short-term there is an element of the new algorithm bedding in as it works its way through billions of pages. The “Helpful Content Update” is an ongoing signal, which can get stronger with future algorithm updates. This means that websites that have relied on the previous ranking system may see themselves falling down the search results over time.

This is the future of SEO. Now is the time to speak to specialists within your business about what they do and how they help your customers. Write blogs and articles that help address your customers’ questions and be thoughtful about the content you write.

It’s our job to help clients through major algorithm changes such as these so drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll make your content more helpful together.

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