A new name and brand identity for a traditional market leader

A family business of 20 years handed down the generations was in need of a pick me up. Prospect Group were promoting a tier of sub-brands but were left playing second fiddle in all of their core markets.


First impressions were good, lovely brochures, good branding, diligent team, expert knowledge. But a key ingredient was missing and the brand was denied it’s capacity to grow and compete. Following a brand review we realised that the staff and the market were confused as to the trading identity of Prospect Group – with opinion split across the Refreshment Works and Prospect Plants sub brands. Not only that, in each market the brands were under performing by competing on price and not value added services.


We re-imagined the company and create a new brand called Vantage. We changed the core client focus messaging to engage HR directors of large corporate businesses employing in excess of 100 personnel. Our first task was to capitalise on the cross sell opportunity with the existing customer database and then reach out to new audiences.


Through a sales audit we put in place a growth strategy that identified a niche set of just 30 customers that would deliver against the financial objectives. Immediately after launch, the average quote value doubled. The business has grown by 35% turnover for the last two years.

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