Christmas TV Ads 2022: Marketing tips to kick off your Christmas marketing campaign

Dive into our favourite Christmas TV ads for 2022 and get marketing tips for your Christmas marketing campaign.

Christmas campaigns

Now that Black Friday is over, brands turn their focus to wholesome Christmas marketing campaigns. Some have shared festive TV ads and others have taken to social media. But some have not yet started. And that’s okay!

Christmas advertising starts early in December with general awareness and Christmas deals. But it’s not too late for you to start your Christmas marketing campaign.

In this blog, we have provided tips on what to include in your Christmas marketing strategy. We have also shared our favourite Christmas TV ads to give you inspiration for your Christmas marketing campaign. 


Should brands create a Christmas marketing strategy?

It is predicted that Christmas retail sales will reach 82.2 billion pounds this year. And with 50% to 80% of total revenue typically generated in the last few weeks in December, it’s essential brands deliver on Christmas marketing campaigns. 

When should you start Christmas advertising? Late November to early December. Some brands have introduced Christmas deals at the end of their Black Friday campaigns. But it’s not too late to start. If you haven’t started your Christmas marketing campaigns, then we’d recommend planning now and starting your Christmas advertising by 5th December.


Three marketing tips to consider during the Christmas period

In our mini guide, we will provide three crucial tips from our marketing experts to help you create an effective marketing strategy this festive season. 


Understand your consumers

Understanding your audience is the key to a successful marketing campaign. But understanding consumer behaviours will help you make the right decision when creating your Christmas campaigns. 

Research trends and insights from last year and this year. This will help you to predict consumer behaviours. For example, with the rise in the cost of living, people will shop early and lean more towards online shopping.

Considering targeting in-store and online customers with exclusive offers to drive conversions. 


Start early and offer discounts

As previously mentioned, it is predicted consumers will start their Christmas shopping early. So, the sooner you think about your Christmas marketing campaigns, the better chance you’ll have.

Some global giants have launched their Christmas campaigns with discounts and references to issues we face today. For example, Tesco launched their ‘Christmas Party’ campaign shining a light on price inflation showing how families can still have a good Christmas with Tesco prices. People will definitely be looking out for great Christmas savings this year.

Christmas shopping

Market to all channels

A multi-channel marketing campaign provides you with a better chance of reaching your customers. It can streamline your customer’s journey. It provides you with a better chance of reaching your customers on their preferred channels boosting engagement. 

If people don’t engage the first time they see your marketing campaign, then a multi-channel campaign can help to reinforce your campaign’s message via a different channel. This promotes brand consistency and streamlines your customer’s journey.

Think about utilising social media, paid advertising, email marketing and your website. 


Our top three favourite 2022 Christmas TV adverts

Christmas advertising is underway as we countdown the weeks until Christmas Day. But what we all wait for at this time of the year, is wholesome and festive tv adverts for all to hear. And whilst we see brands compete for the most important season, we know some will not be beaten. 

Christmas is a time for sharing, so we’re going to help you start preparing. Whilst Christmas TV ads bring seasonal greetings, let’s uncover their true festive meanings. 


Asda wishes all to have their Elf a merry Christmas

Asda kicks off the festive season with everyone’s Christmas favourite – Buddy the Elf. This wholesome TV ad will bring warmth and raise Christmas spirits to all who watch. As Buddy the Elf sweeps the supermarket, it’s humorous to see he has not lost his witty personality and innocence. 

As Buddy enters the store, he’s greeted by a sign looking for Christmas recruits. Curious and intrigued, he tours the store learning the ways of an Asda employee. But along the way, he gets caught up in his old tricks once again from singing at the top of his lungs to sprinkling Christmas magic throughout the store with Christmas decorations.

The short Christmas ad shows all that Asda has to offer during the holiday season including the food-tasting stands. What’s not to love? And what a way to steal the nation’s hearts with Buddy the Elf.


Aldi’s Kevin the carrot spends Christmas home alone

This year’s Aldi’s Christmas TV advert is inspired by the nation’s favourite Christmas hit, Home Alone. It features Kevin the carrot for the seventh time in a row! The tv ad starts with Kevin’s family making their way to Paris but Kevin is nowhere to be seen.

Kevin the carrot missed his flight to Paris with his family and is now home alone. But he is distracted by intruders walking on the roof and looking through the letterbox. Like the movie, Kevin embarks on an adventure of stopping these intruders in their paths. However, it is later revealed that the intruder is infact Santa.

The Christmas TV ad finishes with Kevin being reunited with his loving family. The ad celebrates families this Christmas, showing that Christmas isn’t the same without your loved ones. 


Tesco addresses the living crisis in their Christmas TV ad

Tesco Christmas TV advert draws upon the financial struggles that many families are facing this Christmas. They start the ad with a broadcast of a Christmas party formed over a shortage of Christmas joy. The multinational retailer promises better value for money on items such as pigs in blankets, mince pies and award-winning wines. 

The Christmas TV adverts aim to put worries to rest as they deliver Christmas food on a budget. But that’s not all. They show how families can be brought together as Tesco offer something that is for everyone. Claiming that they are the Christmas Party.


If you need guidance or advice on your Christmas marketing campaign, please get in touch today. As the leading digital marketing agency in Sheffield, Vivid works with multiple top brands both nationally and internationally, including the University of Sheffield, Inivos, Metallix, and Rohan. Our services include branding, web design and development, SEO, paid media, creative design and social media. Work with us on future multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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