Paid Media

PPC, Paid Social, Display and other biddable opportunties (DOOH, TV, Digital Audio) make up a huge part of what we do here at Vivid Creative. We are confident that we have the skill set to help you with any Paid Media challenge you may have.

Paid Search (PPC) enables brands to elevate their position for core search terms in Google, we carefully manage budgets and bidding startegies to optimise Cost per Click (CPC) and Return on Investment (ROI). Additionally, Paid Social and Display are two of the most effective ways to get your message out there, via adverts appearing on popular Social Media platforms and websites by targeting specific audiences and interests. Our team are driven by results and ultimately that shapes our approach to how we plan, execute, strategise and grow campaigns. We take a holistic view and integrate with the all stakeholder teams so that our Paid Media activity supports your overall marketing objectives and ambition.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is fundamental to performance marketing. It allows brands to appear for core search terms, without the long-term investment of SEO. As PPC continues to grow within the search engine results pages, it becomes more important to any performance marketing campaign.

But there’s much more to paid search than just PPC. Good paid search campaigns ensure that brands appear at the customer’s point of need. This means any paid search strategy should be able to pivot and offer the best possible ad available – whether that’s text, Google’s display network or using YouTube pre-rolls. It means putting your brand in front of the audiences who want it most.

Logos examples of paid advertising (Google Display Ads, facebook, linkedin & twitter)

Paid Social, Marketplaces & Other Biddable Opportunities

PPC is just the tip of the iceberg when we look at wider paid media opportunities. We make recommendations grounded in understanding and experience, including channels such as:

  • Paid social – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Display Advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Marketplace marketing – Amazon, eBay
  • And many other opportunities including working with the likes of Spotify, Adsmart, podcasts and digital out of home
Woman working on PPC campaigns - Vivid Creative Paid Media Agency