Strategy & Consultancy

From experience, we know that the most successful companies have a defined strategy behind them. It comes before everything. With this in place, and having understood your ambition, we can match your commercial purpose. Our team will work with you to understand your business, budget, and the marketing goals you’re aiming for. We can then devise and cost the best possible plan.


As an integrated agency, we can draw on a whole range of expertise and insight to really maximise your investment. Your marketing strategy could contain anything from a PPC campaign to a TV ad, and everything in between.

We’ll explore and recommend a mix that will reach furthest, connect deepest and return the most. Our tried and tested approach means we ensure that every decision we make always ties back to the core aims of the campaign, and the strategy at the heart of your brand.

Marketing strategy and consultancy services are being developed at Vivid Creative.
Vivid team working on marketing strategy and consultancy services.


We know that not everyone needs an agency to do all their marketing for them. Sometimes all you need is an upfront strategy that allows you to unlock and maximise the ability of your internal team. At Vivid we provide an unbiased view, enabling you to audit and benchmark your current performance. Whether it’s a launch or a one-off campaign, our consultancy will help you to hone or deliver your strategy.

We offer senior-level consultancy that delivers:

  • One-off strategic projects, such as brand or campaign strategy
  • Audits, performance analysis and insights
  • Digital marketing training
  • Research and competitive intelligence
  • Reporting setups

As a truly integrated agency, our aim is to provide you with the best possible solution, shaped to exactly meet your needs.

How it works

1. Aim

Define the overarching business aims.
– Quantitate and/or qualitative aims
– How are we tracking against aims?

2. Analysis

Understanding the audience, market etc.
– Segment current audience and/or market
– Analyse micro & macro environments

3. Brand positioning & values

How do we achieve the overarching aim/s?
– Define target segments
-Define positioning, partnerships, process etc.

4. Measurement

– Set KPIs
– Tracking requirements / platforms / framework.

5. Tactics

Channel selection & mix key campaigns, execution.
– Targeting for each target audience segment positioning & KPIs
– Budgeting

6. Results

Review & optimisation
– Reporting dashboard
– Attribution
– Brand metrics