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Public relations (PR) refers to the practice of managing communication between an organisation and its various stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, government agencies, media outlets, and the general public.

What is Public Relations?

The primary goal of PR is to build and maintain a positive image of the organisation, its products or services, and its reputation.

We use a range of tactics to achieve these goals, such as media relations, social media management, crisis communication, event planning, and community engagement.

Most importantly we engage in strategic planning, research, and analysis to ensure that our communication efforts are effective and aligned with your organisation’s overall objectives.

Overall, PR is an important tool for organisations to manage their reputation, build trust with stakeholders, and promote its brand or mission.

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Our PR strategy

When we work with a client, we want the process to be as straightforward as possible and is usually involves the following steps:

  • Identifying your needs and goals: We want to understand your business objectives and communication needs. We will research and analysis your competitors, target audience, and key stakeholders to develop a comprehensive understanding of your industry.
  • Develop a strategy: Based on our understanding of your needs, we will put together a PR strategy that outlines the goals, target audience, messaging, tactics, and metrics for success. Tactics may include a combination of media relations, social media, events, content creation, and other elements of the marketing mix.
  • Execution: Once the strategy is approved we will begin to execute the plan, including creating content, reaching out to media outlets, managing social media accounts, planning events, and engaging with stakeholders.
  • Measurement and evaluation: Throughout the execution process, we measure and evaluates the effectiveness of the tactics, using metrics such as media coverage, social media engagement, website traffic, and stakeholder feedback. We use this information to refine the strategy and tactics as needed.
  • Reporting: We provide regular reports that detail the results, including media coverage, social media engagement, and other metrics. This information may also provide recommendations for future communication efforts.

Throughout this process, we will work with you to ensure that our strategy is aligned with your overall business goals and objectives.

Your Sheffield PR agency

Vivid Creative is a Sheffield-based agency that offers brand and marketing services.

Founded in 1999, Vivid is one of the oldest creative marketing agencies in the whole of the UK.

As one of the most experienced marketing agencies, we have learned to adapt over time and to use the latest strategies to help companies get more business.

Based on our experience, most businesses require an integrated marketing approach, rather than just one channel.

As opposed to most agencies, Vivid offers the full package – from PR and brand strategy through to web and performance marketing.

At Vivid Creative, we understand that every company is different and that’s why we work with flexible retainers, which allow us to allocate budget to different channels each month to get the best return for our clients.

This approach means that we often offer a PR service, which is integrated with other channels, such as PPC, paid social, SEO solutions, and social media.

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