Data is key for most marketing channels, yet not a lot of people really know how to take advantage of whats on offer. Our team can help you understand your data and how your customers interact with your brand.

Our Performance team can help you better understand your data and your user journey using a number of tools including:

  • Using Google Analytics to better understand who is coming to your website and where they are going.
  • Conversion and Event tracking also helps us to understand whether or not a user reaches their desired location.
  • Google Tag Manager allows us to update and make changes on your website without spending a huge amount of time with developers.
  • Our Reporting is tailored to your needs, ensuring that you can understand your results as well as we do. We are open to using whatever platform works best for you, be it a Data Studio dashboard or a Powerpoint deck and meeting.

We believe that Data, coupled with insight and experience, leads to creativity and truely great campaigns.

Reporting and Google Data Studio

Data is fundamental to successful performance marketing, but it can be difficult to grasp. In order to help we offer a suite of analytical services including Google Data Studio, dashboards, reporting and training for your team.

If that sounds complicated then don’t worry. Our teams will work with you to help build or improve your tracking, whilst also helping you understand your data and what it means. Aligning the aims of your campaign with performance metrics that can be monitored accurately, we will ensure that all tracking is set correctly and that your teams understand the information.

marketing data analytics at Vivid Creative
Vivid's employee working on marketing data analytics