Cutting-edge performance
for Arborisk

Arborisk is a trading brand of Bartlett & Company Ltd, and specialises in offering insurance products for tree surgeons, foresters and associated activities.

With over a decade of experience, Arborisk is one of the largest providers of tree surgeon and forestry insurance in the UK and in 2020 was named as Insurance Broker of the Year.

Arborisk had a core objective and ambition to retain and grow its commanding market share to become the ‘go-to’ insurance provider for arborists and closely associated trades.


Increase in new users


Increase in page views


Increase in sessions


brand awareness

Arborisk partnered with Vivid to deliver a programme of performance marketing centred around the website, social channels, and email campaigns. All activities were aimed at targeting three core audiences, with the objective of increasing the number of leads and conversions coming into the business.

Tree Surgeon Insurance – total cover for people, equipment, and liability. From stolen chippers to chainsaw injuries, property damage to fatal falls, Arborisk Tree Surgeon Insurance offers comprehensive protection at a competitive price with no height restrictions. 

Forestry Insurance – unique risks facing foresters Arborisk Forestry Insurance is designed around the unique risks facing Foresters and can cover all aspects of work you undertake from ground clearance to harvesting and extraction. 

Motor Insurance – specialist vehicles for the above activities Specialist Motor Insurance that covers modified and specialist vehicles used by tree surgeons and foresters. 


instant results

Vivid implemented a comprehensive performance marketing programme for Arborisk, centred around professional marketing advice, integrated strategies, and the management and deployment of all digital activity.

  • SEO optimisation: Improved website ranking and organic traffic.
  • Targeted PPC campaigns: Reached Arborisk’s ideal audiences across search engines and social media platforms.
  • Content review and development: Created engaging content that resonated with tree surgeons and foresters.

Within the first month, we generated excellent results across the board:

  • Users – 5314 (Increased by 395%)
  • Sessions – 6,331 (Increased by 332%)
  • Page views – 18,351 (Increased by 245%)
  • New Users – 5,300 (Increased by 639%)
  • Impressions – 516,400 (Increased by 24,571%)


Quote forms completed






in every metric

These impressive traffic gains translated into significant business growth for Arborisk:

  • 172 quote forms completed
  • 104 qualified quotes provided
  • The new sales generated represented a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 35.3x – a remarkable 3,530% increase over their previous investment!

Vivid’s data-driven performance marketing strategies transformed Arborisk’s online presence, generating a substantial increase in leads, sales, and revenue.