5 key content and blogging trends for businesses in 2023

Find useful content writing tips and blogging trends for your business to build your successful content strategy today!

Blogging trends and content writing tips.

Blogging for businesses still serves a purpose in today’s modern society. But keeping users engaged and on your website is becoming more and more challenging. So, what measures should businesses take to entice their readers? 

Whether it’s creating good headlines to draw in readers or switching up your content writing style, following blogging trends can help you to stay relevant and reach new customers. 

Over the years, we have seen video dominate the internet with online videos reaching  92.7% of internet users worldwide. But with that being said, content writing still serves a purpose for many businesses today. Keep on reading to discover our content recommendations for 2023. 

What are the benefits of content writing for businesses? 

Content writing has become a communication strategy for many businesses. With the rise of digital media, online content writing has become a cost effective and efficient way for businesses to engage with their target audience. By posting regularly high quality blogs, businesses can increase their online visibility, digital presence and establish themselves as though leaders in their industry. Content writing for businesses is also very important for SEO and digital growth.

Businesses should always look to improve their SEO (search engine optimisation) ranking to move up SERPs (Search engine results pages). The higher you rank on SERPs the more page views and clicks you’ll receive. And what’s the most cost effective way to do this? Building a content strategy and publishing great content online. 

Optimsing your online content for SEO creates the opportunity for your page to be indexed. This is where search engines crawl your page to collect relevant information and place it in their index. The more indexed pages you have, the more credible your page and website is. Search engines use credibility as a ranking factor. So, regularly publishing SEO optimised content on your businesses website is a great way to organically rank higher on SERPs. To summarise, the content writing for your business improves:

  • Website traffic
  • Search engine rankings
  • Keyword rankings
  • Reach to customers
  • Engagement
  • Visibility

Now you have a good understanding to why content writing is important for your business, let’s dive into the top five content writing trends for 2023.

What are the top five blogging trends in 2023?

Content strategies still deserves a spot in your business marketing strategy in 2023. And with online content being important for SEO growth, it’s crucial to stay ontop of content writing trends. Discover five blogging trends that you can include in your content strategy. 

Blogging trends in 2023

Episodic blogs

Episodic blogging is also known as storytelling through a series of blog posts. This form of content writing is a great way to keep your audience engaged and tease readers with information. It’s also an effective way to build reader loyalty and engagement. 

Do you want to build episodic blogging into your content marketing strategy? Try mind-mapping some ideas. Build a bank of cluster content that is relevant and interesting for your audience. Then write a series of blog posts. 

Episodic blogging can break through as a trend as it builds your brand’s credibility as users become more familiar with the content you publish. Writing about topics around one subject can pinpoint you as the expert in the industry increasing reader loyalty. 


Data blogs

It’s no secret that numbers stand out. People can easily find what they’re looking for when you include numbers in your articles. This is why data blogging is set to be a blogging trend this year. Data provides insights for people and businesses to make better marketing decisions and reach their objectives.


Video blogs

Video is one of the most popular forms of content online and has been for a while. It’s no surprise that video blogging continues to be a big trend in 2023. This form of media can be used alongside written content or on its own. 

As video blogging is being widely used, how can your business stand out from the crowd? Aside from making a creative and high-quality video, make sure its user and mobile friendly. According to Hubspot, 74% of businesses ensure videos are optimised for silent auto-play such as enabling captions. 

However, don’t make your video too long as 64% of marketers claimed their optimal length of a short video is 20 to 60 seconds. If you need help producing excellent videos for your business, contact us today.


Collaborative blogs

Have you noticed a rise in partnerships and collaborations across social media? Well, it’s set to make its appearance in 2023. Collaborative blogging is where multiple bloggers or businesses work together to create good quality content for their target audience. This could be on guest posts, sponsored content or website articles. This form of content is a great way to network with trusted experts and add a variety of insights to your blog.


Multimedia blogs

Blogging is no longer just text. Best practice is to include images to improve the users’ experience. Including interactive elements or highly visual content will make your content engaging and entertaining. It gives the reader a reason to stay on the page increasing page session duration.

Did you know, Google priorities helpful content that is of high quality and engaging to the reader instead of keyword stuffing? Keyword stuffing is when search terms are overused in a blog to manipulate search rankings. However, this is considered as webspam and will only cause your site to rank lower. Learn more about keywords, ranking and Google’s algorithm here.

Multimedia blogs may become more trendy as businesses compete for the top spot in search results. 


Stay on top of blogging trends and nail your content strategy! 

The algorithm and blogging trends are forever changing and evolving to meet the needs of users. Use 2023 as a year for experimenting and learning. Stay on top of content trends and see what engages your readers.

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