Every office dog has his day!

Things can get ‘ruff’ working in a busy office environment but luckily for the guys at Vivid Creative they’ve just unleashed a brand-new employee… me! Rory!

I arrived at the office bright eyed and bushy tailed and was warmly greeted by the Vivid team. It may have been early but there was already a lot going on. Once I’d settled into my new environment, I got to work making friends with my new colleagues.

Did you know, that according to statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive in October 2019, work related stress, depression or anxiety accounts for 44% of work-related ill health in 2018/19? Having a pet like me in the office can be a great way to reduce stress and improve well-being for employees.

It was a lot of fun and the day went by faster than a whippet and by closing time I was dog-tired. Though I didn’t understand all of the technical ‘ins and outs’ of everything they were working on (and I took a pretty long nap in the afternoon) I feel I’ve really learnt a lot on my fur-st day. I think the rest of the team appreciated my input too as they asked me to come back for more doggy-days in the future. Hurray!

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