Marketing your way through a crisis!

In the midst of the global pandemic, we consider how marketing provides an essential survival tool.

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global crisis that will test humanity’s resolve and institutional contingencies to absolute breaking point. Fuelled by fear, uncertainty and worry; right now it feels like the world has been turned completely upside down.

As individuals we all have a clear role to play in protecting the health and well-being of the vulnerable. Washing hands, social distancing, sensible food shopping and looking out for others are all practical ways we can help the national and international effort to stem the disease. Irrespective of how disruptive and challenging it might be, right now we all have a civic duty to perform.

Business challenges

First and foremost, businesses are about people. Customers, employees, suppliers, owners and their respective families all rely on businesses to keep functioning during such a seismic crisis. Whilst the UK government has intervened with a £330 billion fiscal package to support certain sectors, many businesses still face extremely uncertain and challenging times ahead. Responsible business owners must show leadership and take firm action to protect the business and its stakeholders.

“Losing your head in a crisis
is a good way to become the crisis.”
C.J. Redwine

Recession vs Crisis

Whilst the UK is not in technical recession, the huge economic impact of the Coronavirus crisis has many similar characteristics. There is stagnation in many sectors, consumer spending on non-essential goods is plummeting and many businesses are expected to fail.

Extensive case studies and research tell us that it those businesses that ramp up their marketing during a recession that ultimately gain market share and profitability. Those learnings could well help your business to survive and thrive through the current crisis and beyond.

Marketing through a crisis. Winners and losers.

We’re here to help your business survive

Vivid’s expert marketing team are on hand to help you drive sales throughout this challenging period. With the right strategy you can come out of the other side with a greater market share, improved profitability and ROI from your marketing investment. Call us on 01142 212121 or email for a initial free appraisal.

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