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We believe in a joined up approach to digital marketing designed to meet your business goals. Unless you implement a robust SEO strategy, your website will never reach its full potential. Our SEO services are guaranteed to boost your search traffic and help your business thrive. We are a leading UK SEO agency based in Sheffield, with many years experience in helping brands grow their website traffic.

Combined with our website design services, our SEO expertise will help your beat the competition, grow organic search traffic and drive up sales.

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Search & SEO

Many SEO agencies will promise to get you to number 1 in Google on a handful of selected search terms. But we don’t think this is the right approach. What really matters is the volume and quality of your organic search traffic, however it’s achieved. We adopt a scientific, mathematical and evidence-based approach – because ultimately your business is all about the numbers. It’s all about building your target audience, leads and sales. Shown below is a guide to our SEO process.


SEO Audits

There are literally hundreds of factors that influence how your website performs in the search engines. In order to deliver long-term sustainable growth, we must first carry out extensive research. We carry out over 150 forensic technical SEO tests designed to identify common SEO issues and areas for improvement. We also monitor your competitors’ SEO performance to fully understand your position in the marketplace.

Our SEO experts use a comprehensive suite of professional tools to gather reams of statistical, technical and traffic data. We consolidate all these metrics into a plain-English report with fully costed recommendations based on firm quantitative evidence. We never blind you with science, give false promises or set unrealistic targets. Our SEO audit service will give you unparalleled insights into your marketplace and help us to work together to achieve your goals, growth targets and ROI.

SEO healthchecks

Many web design agencies neglect to think about SEO when designing and developing client websites. Going live with an un-optimised website amounts to giving your online brand a severe heart attack. Unless properly managed, it can often take years to rebuild your organic search traffic.

Vivid’s unique healthcheck process is proven to help your online business to recover and grow quickly. It is designed to ensure that your new site meets latest Google guidelines, standards and SEO best-practice. For a relatively small investment, it gives your website the very best chance to succeed.

SEO management service

The organic search landscape is constantly evolving and your search rankings fluctuate constantly. In order to maintain your market share, it’s crucial that your SEO strategy is carefully managed to keep you ahead of the competition.

Our ongoing SEO management service is designed to ensure that your organic search traffic remains on a sustained upward trend. We deploy sophisticated tracking systems to monitor how you’re performing and take immediate action where we identify any opportunities for growth. This includes on-site optimisation, off-site link building, social media monitoring and content marketing.

Seeing your business grow is what drives our digital marketing team. We love to share the results by providing regular reports that clearly show how you’re performing and what we’ve done to make it happen.

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