Vivid shines through as Business of the Year in Action Coach 2020 awards

At a time when many businesses are feeling the pinch of the pandemic and scaling back, full-service creative agency Vivid has managed to grow, taking on new staff and developing its creative operation.

“We’ve taken on a performance marketing team this year and that puts us in a great position”, says Gerry Arcari, Vivid’s founder and MD. “It felt like we had a choice and we chose to take a leap, with some invaluable help from Jon at Action Coach. It’s been a tough year for everyone but we’re thrilled with this award and really fired-up about the future.”

Jon Asquith, managing director of Action Coach helps businesses across the region and beyond to grow and prosper. He relishes the chance to work with ambitious businesses and saw that potential in Vivid. “It’s been a privilege”, he said. “Sometimes success is not just down to the bottom line numbers, it’s about what it takes to get there. The leadership in Vivid is clear and they have lofty ambitions – they’re not afraid to push to make those come to fruition, and that’s why we named them our Business of the Year. I think they have lots to look forward to, and the power to get there.”

Preparing to realise those ambitions, in the year of the pandemic, has not been easy. But Gerry and the team haven’t shied away from the challenge. “It’s been great to see everyone’s dedication to this and I’m really grateful to the team. We’ve put in the hours, thought long and hard about where we want to go and the business we want and with Jon’s help, we’ve found a way. The addition of staff, experts in performance marketing, and a move to a brilliant new space gives us a new lease of life and transforms what we can do for clients when they need it most. Add that to our strategic expertise and the real creative authority we’ve built over 20 years of serving some incredible clients, and I just think we’re ready for 2021 to bring it on!”

The award celebrates not only Vivid’s capabilities but their ambition and commitment to making them real. “They’re true forward-thinkers” says Jon. “I think their clients are lucky to be associated with the company and the employees should feel really proud of what they’ve put in, the results it’s achieving and the future it makes possible for Vivid.”

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