A modern brand identity for a fantastic charity

Framework is a charity delivering housing, support and care, employment and health services to people with a diverse range of needs. These services blend together to suit every individual, acting as a safety net for some and for others, as a platform for real, deep change. They work with people who are affected by homelessness, addiction, physical and mental ill-health, unemployment and social exclusion.

Framework Logo

The Brief

Framework began life 20 years ago, looking after people living on the streets of Nottingham. Last year, their help reached over 18,000 people, all affected by homelessness, addiction, physical and mental ill-health, unemployment and social exclusion, across their region and beyond. Well known across Nottingham as a ‘homeless charity’, Framework wanted a fresh brand strategy to support a shift in position, and to do justice to the incredible work they do not just in tackling homelessness but beyond, to help vulnerable people make real, deep change to their lives.

In this project, the process was almost as important as the outcome – it needed to actively engage a real range of stakeholders, from trustees to services users. In engaging over 50 people in deep, qualitative research and brand development, we achieved more than just a re-brand: we connected colleagues who had never met before and showed the organisation as a whole the true value and strength of their work.

The Challenge

-Framework operates over a number of sites, spread geographically far and wide, and their range of services is largely delivered by organisations that have been taken on through mergers over the years.

-Framework had never coherently articulated what it does. Many of their staff, even though they work at different points on the same process, had not talked, met or shared any real sense of common purpose.

-A complex range of services also meant that Framework’s offer was not well understood outside of the organisation, and it was in a weak position in terms of fundraising and public understanding.

-The revised brand strategy and brand articulation then needed to be a key tool in uniting everyone and making crystal clear the Framework proposition.

The Result

-We worked hard to make sure the resulting brand strategy demonstrated that we had heard and understood everyone’s input, and to give everyone something to be united behind and proud of.

-It also means that all staff have a clear, common way to understand and articulate what it is their organisation is and does – something that research showed was missing. Now they can all be effective ambassadors for Framework.

-Visually, we used the identity to create a balanced position – Framework as approachable and warm, but sizeable and serious. A collection of ‘paths’ shows how Framework’s services blend, overlap and interconnect to make a single, stronger shape.

-A marketing plan gave the client a starting point for their rollout and to develop a new fundraising strategy.

-As part of the brand roll out, we designed and created an animated brand explainer:

-And we managed to hit a key deadline, to deliver core brand roll-out within a month of sign off.

”The new identity has gone down exceedingly well without exception. The fact that we have been able to pull off this launch only four weeks after Board approval is little short of miraculous and it has only been possible because you have not ducked the challenge: the level of support and commitment at your end has been tremendous. And the quality of work is first rate.“

Chris Senior - Fundraising and Communications Manager
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