case study

the most successful product launch
for British Gypsum

Glasroc Tilebacker logo

British Gypsum sells products to the trade and consumers. When the firm launched Glasroc H TileBacker, a new glass fibre tile board more suited to wet areas than traditional plaster board, Vivid was briefed with creating a memorable launch campaign.

These tiles are highly moisture resistant. They’re lighter, and therefore easier to install. So we positioned the product based on the time savings it represented for fitters – and gave birth to a new campaign hero: Freddie the Frog. This marketing campaign, starring Freddie, proved to be British Gypsum’s most successful product launch of all time.

British Gipsum cheeky censored frog advert
British Gipsum frog advert
innovation in mailers

Knock-out events

With a new star to feature across the campaign, we designed all kinds of printed collateral with Freddie in different poses to appeal to the various audiences. Alongside this, an ‘It’s a Knockout’ launch event was organised for press and key trade buyers, adding even more fun to the campaign.

British Gipsum cheeky frog in clothes
British Gipsum cheeky frog with brochures

With a hidden reveal

The campaign also produced one of our most innovative direct mailers to date. It was printed in solid blue ink with instructions to run it under warm water. This caused the ink to wash off, revealing Freddie and changing people’s perception that British Gypsum products are not suitable for wet areas. It all came together to result in British Gypsum’s best product launch ever.