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re-branding a national treasure
for Plas y Brenin

Plas Y Brenin (PYB) logo overlaying a landscape

Plas y Brenin is a much-loved National Outdoor Centre in Snowdonia, Wales. It’s a heritage brand that for over 60 years has helped develop the leading trainers in outdoor sport – people who shape the outdoor sector. With its unique location, backstory and reputation, Plas y Brenin wanted to re-capture the essence of the place, people and purpose of their centre. They needed a full, effective rebrand.

Vivid developed a clear, singular identity, a full range of print and digital marketing assets and a new digital presence that achieved a 96% traffic increase on the previous year.


increase in website traffic


Google grant secured


ROI on Ad Spend

Plas y Brenin (PYB) logos
National Outdoor CentreNational Outdoor Centre
protecting history,

Preparing for the future

We started by talking to stakeholders including the Mountain Training Trust, Sport England and PYB’s resident experts. They gave us a complex blend of challenges – in a nutshell, we needed to protect PYB’s ‘gold standard’ reputation and elevate it in the global marketplace.

Following research with staff and customers to add real insight, we developed an identity system that would enable marketing to specific sport sectors, reflecting the range of activities on offer.

Plas Y Brenin (PYB) Brand Guidelines
Plas Y Brenin (PYB) Brand Guidelines - The Logo
Plas Y Brenin (PYB) Brand Guidelines - Applying Colours
Plas Y Brenin (PYB) Brand Guidelines - Photography
Plas Y Brenin (PYB) Brand Guidelines - Typographic style
Plas Y Brenin (PYB) Brand Guidelines - Digital Presentation Examples
Plas Y Brenin (PYB) Brand Guidelines - Kit & Team Jacket Examples
a confident


Vivid created an identity system that adapts to address each key audience effectively, never letting go of that ‘gold’ distinction – PYB trains the best, it leads the leaders and sets a qualification standard that’s aspired to globally.

We developed a clear, singular identity with simple weight and certainty, allowing the beauty of PYB’s surrounds to shine.

venturing to

The digital realm

A full range of print and digital marketing assets has helped raise visibility and created clarity around what PYB offers. Digital marketing drives users to a full e-commerce site where they can book and pay for courses, adventures and experiences.

Plas Y Brenin (PYB) logo
Plas Y Brenin (PYB) moodboard being discussed on Vivid's meeting room wall
Plas Y Brenin (PYB) printed materials
Plas Y Brenin (PYB) course guide spreads
Plas Y Brenin (PYB) course guide (open page spread)
Plas Y Brenin (PYB) website being viewed with grid guidelines
Where the trainers train and standards are set in a place of discovery
Adventure text over mountain background
Plas Y Brenin (PYB) logo on outdoor wear & people in the snow
'Climb Hike Paddle Bike' slogan over a canoeist
Plas Y Brenin (PYB) Instagram

For everyone

Designed to work across all platforms, the new digital presence has achieved around 96% more traffic than the year before launch, bringing new audiences to this true outdoor destination.


traffic increase on 
previous year

Plas Y Brenin (PYB) Website


increase in web traffic


Google grant secured


ROI on Ad Spend

Just wanted to say a special thanks for creating a killer brand. Everyone loves it an we’ve had some brilliant feedback. We’re all really proud and excited to be part of a new era for Plas y Brenin.

Ben Martin

Head of Commercial and Marketing