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The gift of giving

For over a decade, Providoré have brought you the finest quality hampers and business gifts, to help you make a positive lasting impression on your most important business clients.


After a history of steady growth, Providoré saw their sales plateau and some unpredictable sales patterns emerge. They tasked us to take a fresh look at their marketing, to reach new customers and develop a 'seasonal' model that would help generate new orders.


We revived the brand creating a seasonal integrated marketing campaign that focused on ‘the gift of giving’. Images of people, hampers and business gifts were brought to life in a marketing mix including advertising, video, e-shots, direct mail, catalogues and a website refresh.


Vivid really went the extra mile to understand our business. They re-imagined our marketing strategy, fusing our commercial objectives with stunning creative executions that engaged our target audiences. This has led to significant gains in client acquisition and gross profit.

Team Leader - Providoré

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